Get Your Medication Free - FAQs

Q. What is Get Your Medication Free?

A. Get Your Medication Free was designed to assist you with high cost and unaffordable health costs connected to procedures, testing, specialized Drs, medications and billing matters.

Q. How do I get my Get Your Medication Free assistance?

A. After receiving your booklet please read through all of the benefits and after the plan has gone into effect you will have access to an advocate whom will assist you with those benefits.

Q. Are there any forms that need to be filled out to get assistance?

A. With the RX assistance you will have to complete and return the forms so that your advocate can call you and advise on what they can do to help you with the cost of your medication.

Q. Is there a process to get the wellness panel or can I go to my DR, get the tests, and get reimbursed?

A. Yes there is a process. After your plan is in effect for 60 days you MUST call the advocate to order the wellness panel. A packed will be send out to you that you must take to the approved test site to run the tests that are covered under the wellness panel. If you go to your DR and have a wellness panel done on your own you WILL pay out of pocked and you will NOT be reimbursed.

Q. What do I do if I need a test or procedure done?

A. You need to contact the patient advocate so that they can coordinate with the provider to lower the cost of any needed procedure or treatment.

Q. What happens If I end up with a high balance after a procedure is done?

A. If such procedure was done during the life of the Get Your Medication Free you must contact your advocate and be prepared to request an itemized bill in order for your advocate to negotiate cost. Any cost to obtain such bill is at members expense.

Q. What if my existing insurance does not cover a certain procedure enough and leaves me with a loss?

A. By contacting your advocate they will assist you in negotiating cost BEFORE services are rendered to minimize your out of pocket expense. Your advocate will also research a provder that may work better with your policy benefits.

Q. How do I use my Call MD, is this an actual DR I will be speaking with and when are their services available?

A. On the card you will be issued there will be a number that you can call to speak with a licensed physician. This service is available to you 24/7. The DR will be able to call in prescription for most medications upon diagnoses. This does not include maintenance or narcotic medications. This benefit will provide you with the opportunity to receive medical care and prescriptions such as antibiotics or cold and flu remedies needed on an emergency basis. The DR will also be able to advise you on continuing treatment or possible emergency situations.

Q. How can I get help with my medical supplies?

A. Contact your advocate. Depending on what your needs are they will be able to assist you because they work with several companies and organizations thay may be able to provide you with certain supplies for little or no cost.

Q. Are there any restrictions or requirements to qualify for this plan?

A. Absolutely not.

Q. How long do I have to wait to use these benefits?

A. You only have to wait until your effective date. Once payment has been applied and the effective date has past you will have access.

Q. Is this a type of Health Insurance?

A. NO. This is an advocacy program that can help you where your insurance cannot.